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Kardia Credit Solutions, recognized as an expert organization in the credit solutions industry, has decades of experience helping Canadian's take control of their financial future. Our passion for people combined with our superior financial acumen makes Kardia Credit a contender in the field of credit solutions. Through our community involvement efforts, we have the privilege of mentoring Canadians from different walks of life who are interested in living a life of financial freedom.

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Meet Richard Moxley

Lead Credit Mentor

After 8 years as a high volume mortgage broker, Richard Moxley finally had enough of watching the Average Joe being forced to pay thousands in excess rates and fees, all because no one had taught them the rules of credit. After spending years studying thousands of credit reports he wrote the best-selling book,The Nine Rules of Credit –How to Start, Rebuild, and Always Maintain Great Credit. Due to demand, Richard has been working im to focus full-time on his passion which is helping Canadians fix, understand, and improve their credit. Just this year he has launched Credit TV to keep his clients, financial professionals, and Canadians up-to-date with how credit works. -Hiswork has been published in the Globe and Mail-He Has appeared on CBC market report and Global TV locally and nationally-Won the Financial Literacy Leader of the year 2015/2016-And has travelled across Canada and a bit into the U.S to teach companies exactly how credit works. Richard Moxley is married, has four children, and lives in Calgary, AB.


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